Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Ok so it has been a while since my last post and the one thing that I can say for sure is that life happens in between brewing. That being said I will not bore you with the specific details of the NON-BEER related portions of my life. No, instead I will try and bring you up to speed after many months of slacking on the Cervetech blog.  Most if not all of these next few points of interest deserved their own posts however due to the above mentioned slacking you will have to deal with the shorts.
CerveTech takes, Best Florida Beer at the New Times 15th Beerfest. I am not really sure what that actually means or whom I was up against but hell I will take it. The New Times Beerfest was amazing; we are grateful to have taken part and honored to be recognized. Here is the link CerveTech takes Best Florida Brew.
Miami United Way Brew and Bites was the next event we sponsored bringing us some more of that exposure we so crave. Above the exposure it is a great cause and I would be lying if I said that I did not get a warm fuzzy feeling inside from doing this event. What can I say, I love making beer. And that love of beer making has in turn allowed me to add both brewer and philanthropist to my resume. This event was also special because I was able to team up with my buddy Misha from Mishas Culinary Events. Misha threw down two amazing dishes to pair with our hand crafted ales. Here is the link to the brewery sponsor page Brew and Bites.
The Miami New Times Brew at the Zoo. What is there to say about this event???? How about I say what most people covering these things won't. It is a total debauchery of an event. It is a great learning experience and proof positive that logistically one can pull off a 5,000+ person event. This however was my second year sponsoring this event and I believe that I have officially learnt enough. And here is the link to the sponsor page Brew at the Zoo.
We did a few other small events, private tastings and food pairings. Of these the most significant was Baptist Hospitals Saute and Sips which benefits their Breast Cancer Foundation. Another great way for us to show appreciation for our community and at the same time showcase some of our amazing brew creations. Our line-up that night consisted of a Dragonfruit English Pale Ale, and a West Coast IPA randalized through Pineapple and Sorachi Ace hops. 
For the most part these events paid off big time, not only did we make some great fans but we also got a little bit of notoriety. David Minsky the local beer scenes Clark Kent wrote a great article about us; first on his Blog, and then a follow up that went to print. We also had a cinematographer do a short clip on us as well. Check out my crazy face below to see the video yourself
This should bring us up to what is going on right now at CerveTech and I will do my best to keep these posts current.

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