Tuesday, October 22, 2013

CerveTech Remains

CerveTech remains....... just a little friendly reminder that we are still up and running, although plenty has indeed changed. Recently, I have been asked on more than one occasion if CerveTech had closed. I do believe those to be fair questions as I have done nothing or very little to disprove this line of intrigue. Happily, I can answer that we have in fact continued to remain, or linger if you will, around the South Florida beer scene and revel in all its greatness. 

As far as the original CerveTech warehouse we did close those doors and stayed that way until we found our new home.  CerveTech's new home is not only bigger but also better than our previous pad, and more importantly, still located in the Bird Road Arts district. There is only one person to thank for our new spot and that is Jacob Lindsay at Daddy Brews. Daddy Brews is Miami's Finest HomeBrew shop and CerveTech's adoptive home.

Jacob opened up one hell of a homebrew shop with all the modern day accoutrement you see on the web only this time you can reach out and touch (taste). One thing Jacob noticed was that he was in need of expanding on the service side of what a homebrew shop could provide to its loyal customers. As you can imagine I have been well versed in this arena being that CerveTech's main focus was service based. After a few months of working together, I can say we have done a fair job at putting some legs on both Daddy Brews, and CerveTech's co-op.

The main focus will always be the shop, Daddy Brews now the only homebrew shop in Miami, must continue to win over the hearts and minds of the local beer community. I would wager that this has clearly been done in the month or so of being officially open for business. CerveTech by continuing our efforts at teaching, tasting, and opening beer dialogue through Daddy Brews; can add value not only to the overall homebrew community but specifically to the shop. So far we have set up the warehouse with all of the needed infrastructures for brewing, teaching, and tasting that our customer base deserves. We have brewed some amazing libations for the grand opening event, this past weekends 3rd annual Grovetoberfest, and the anniversary of the Bird Road Art Wwalk. Next week we will be commencing our first 6-week beginners' course which will take place on Monday nights at Daddy Brews.

If you are a CerveTech follower you can expect some great developments to come, and if you are a homebrewer in the South Florida area you have to come and check out Daddy Brews. I have a renewed encouragement to inform whoever is interested in what the happenings are after being asked specifically by David Minsky what happened to my blogging. I really had no response to give Minsky but his interest struck a cord and made me ask myself, why not take up the proverbial pen (tablet) again.

CerveTech says, don't forget to, ReThink Your Drink.