Thursday, December 15, 2011

CerveTech: The Homebrew Hideaway Begins To Take Shape

CerveTech's first home is a cozy little warehouse located in the Bird Road Arts District.  We feel being located in the Arts District is fitting for what we have brewing here at CerveTech. The very nature of crafting beers, that for the most part can only be found in a handful of our local liquor stores, requires a certain amount of artistry. As our operation expands we will be able to provide a HomeBrew Hideaway for an exclusive member base as well as offer the homebrew community a variety of retail goods.

CerveTech HomeBrew Hideaway will allow the homebrewer a commercial space where brewing recipes and techniques can be fine tuned for future brewing aspirations. As a fellow homebrewer I have found myself with the dilemma of storing all my wares in four different closets in two different locations. Cervetech not only allows for easy storage of the ever growing inventory of equipment it also takes us in to a realm of tinkering with equipment that would not be feasible to purchase or house.

CerveTech fills more than one void in the local homebrew community by providing quality ingredients and equipment at competitive prices as well as a forum for dedicated brewers to discuss, debate, and brew in a conducive environment. As an institute of brew CerveTech is your home base for furthering your brewing education or just expanding on your well rounded knowledge and palette.

Private food pairings and events will be a common happening within CerveTech including Homebrew Competitions, Pub Crawls, Brewery Tours and many more exciting events. Keep an eye on us as we will be posting important dates for your first chance to taste some of our hard work.