Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The First of our Brews Coming to You

This week marks a major milestone for CerveTech Brew Institute, as we will be sampling our hard work for the first time since our inception. Although all of our brewers have showcased their brews in the past, this will be the first as a collaborative effort under the CerveTech brand.

This Wednesday, March 14, 2012 we will be sponsoring the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce's HYPE Awards at the Four Seasons Hotel Brickell. The Chamber's HYPE Awards itself is a reflection of hard work and collaboration of young professionals that are passionate about their careers and the local community. That being said, this is a perfect event for our members to gain exposure for their brews and hard work in front of a receptive audience. At the HYPE Awards we will be pouring a minimum of three unique styles allowing the guests to experience the wide range of fermentation that has happend over the last few months.

Our first brew is the Starfruit Ale which is crafted more for the non traditional beer drinker; we think anyways, but what do we know. Starfruit Ale, is a play on local ingredients and the slight seasonal changes that we experience in South Florida. Carambola aka Starfruit grows in one of our member's yards and this year we were able to harvest a five gallon bucket worth of fruit which we used in two separate brews. The Starfruit harvest is typically from December through January and its subtle sweetart flovours really do come through if you are careful not to overpower it with hops. This brew is reminicent of an under dry white wine something you would expect in a German wine just with the effervescents of a great beer. As you can see even our Pale Ales have a little more red character to them, something that you will see from us over and over again as we emulate our commercial counterpart's best brews of the year. The picture to your left shows part of the process of Starfruit Ale, at this point we had already fermented and reached an alcohol level of just over 6% prior to aging for another two weeks with the starfruit slices added. This technique allows for the yeast to power through the fermentables without removing our preciouse Starfruit goodness.

Next up is a crowd favorite especially during the colder months, which I might add do not last very long in our area. However, down in South Florida we take our cold fronts seriously so we took advantage of the three cold days a year and brewed a traditional English Brown Ale with some atypical spices. This Brown Ale being from across the pond has a lower ABV%, a malty backbone, and subtle hop hints of spice; but the real spice comes from a secret ingredient that we will reveal after the event. The reason for keeping this top secret, is because we don't want to implant the flavor in your head prior to tasting since we want an unbiased palate.  At our level of experimentation we get to bend the styles or even hybridize as we see fit which affords us the oppurtunity to create some very special brews. This Brown simply refered to as CerveTech Brown Spiced Ale will have all of the deep flavours you would expect from your darker brews with a much higher drinkability better suited for the moderate South Florida cold. The picture to your right is three diffrent versions of the same brew each with its own yeast strain fermenting away. This was done not only to ferment the best brew we could but also to taste the nuainces that a particular yeast strain evokes in the same exact ingredients and brew process with the exception of yeast strain.

Dont forget to keep following our blog as we will be in full swing this event season with at least two events per month for the next few months.

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